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Roberto Vincenzo, Street Wears finest.

Roberto Vincenzo is a character with a split personality. Roberto, wild and mischievous while Vincenzo in the other hand is the proper gentleman.With this character and story we try to combine the two and bridge the gap between a young man and a man. As we grow older we grow wiser and are more conscience of the decisions we make. We are inspired my many things but definitely take our hats off to everyone who is trying to better there lives as well as the lives of others. To live everyday with a purpose and strive for greatness. We always hope to make the best product and pieces that one will love and relate to. To wear with pride and at a reasonable price.

We would love for people to relate to each other when wearing Roberto Vincenzo to know that they have something in common. Shake hands, make friends and make connections. Work smarter not harder. Its all about who you know, so make friends. 

We are located in Southern California, Newport Beach / Costa Mesa. We have been in business for a few years but really hope to take it to the next level this year and every year to come. Our team consist of anyone and everyone who supports Roberto Vincenzo. All the Entrepreneurs, athletes and people that strive for greatness.

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Instagram: @RobertoVincenzo

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email: info@RobertoVincenzo.com

PERSONAL EMAIL: rmarino3@mac.com


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