About Us



 Street Couture, from rags to Riches. 

 Roberto Vincenzo, a street couture fashion brand for the h[US]tlers. 

The concept “Rags to riches” is the foundation of the entire company; It’s the idea, philosophy and metaphor of our lives; The thin line between the R & V represents the balance. Remember where you come from, remember the struggle and always be centered. Putting our family first while succeeding the hustle. 

 The company was founded Summer of 09. The founder Roberto Marino was on a mission to create a new platform for himself and his family. “My goal was to pick up where my Grandfather Vincenzo left off”. Vincenzo migrated from Italy to America in hopes of creating a better lifestyle for his family and more opportunities for those all around him. After many years of hard work he succeeded!  “I plan on achieving the same goal, all while having a fucking great time!”  

 Our product is not created solely for the fashion industry. A street couture brand, a brand that represents timeless fashion within street culture. We live to make memories that turn into unforgettable stories.